14 Israeli Insurtech Start-Ups Will Participate In The Insurtech Insights Conference In London


Insurtech insights,  the European largest InsurTech conference, will take place on the 15-16/03 In London UK. More then  2,000 visitors will participate in the conference, including the representatives of many insurance companies, investors, key persons and of course startups and technology people from all over the world. The conference gives exposure to new and advanced technologies in the world of insurance and a look into the future of the sector.

InsurTech Israel CEO Kobi Bendelak: “Within the framework of InsurTech Israel, we put together a mission of 14 Israeli startups with a wide range of technological solutions. Amongst those travelling to the conference were startups in life, health, foreign travel and cyber insurance and underwriting, core systems and agricultural insurance”. Bendelak added “The mission to the conference  To be an excellent platform for connecting Israeli startups and technologies to the insurance world with potential customers. This conference is known as a place where transactions take place. London is the insurance capital of the world and we are undoubtedly expected to have a unique experience . The Israeli Insurtech industry is an amazing source of attraction in the world. Just recently we announced that in 2021, Israeli startups have raised over $ 2 billion an unprecedented amount in the entire industry.

“Among the startups that go out to the conference as part of the family, you can find startups after raising tens of millions of dollars and with a large sales volume, as well as a number of innovative technologies that have recently been developed by new startups. This is what characterizes our ecosystem . The Startups in the delegation are , Ravin. Ai. Five Sigma Toonimo, OpenLegacy, Lightico, Binah.Ai , Insurtix , Planck, Futura Genetics,  Atidot, Yuvital, Emnotion and Mobile2CRM”. 



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