As over 60% of businesses are done using cell phones, more and more calls are slipping through the cracks


Q&A with Joshua Behar, CEO Of Mobile2CRM

What does Mobile2CRM do?
: Mobile2CRM is a technology innovator overcoming the organizational “blind spot“ created by employees using a personal cell phone for work. Mobile2CRM integrates cellular technology with CRM and other business systems capturing business-only communications. In recent years, business and work have become increasingly cellular-centered – a trend that dramatically accelerated in the past two years.
While handling landline communications well enough, current corporate and organizational communications infrastructures are much less successful when it comes to cell phone business communications integration.  With over 60% of business and work-related communications these days done over cell phones, organizations and companies are hard-pressed to handle the transformation.
Mobile2CRM enables businesses and organizations to integrate their cellular and landline communications infrastructures into a comprehensive envelope focused on simplifying processes, cutting operational costs, increasing efficiency, and supporting growth acceleration.

Why is this relevant to the insurance industry?
: Insurance firms face a multitude of sales and retention roadblocks as mobile phone calls and texts become an integral part of the pipeline. Unrecorded or undocumented mobile calls, lack of call-record integration with CRM tools, technical issues with globalization trends, and compliance risks are just a few of the pain points.
Simply put, insurance agency sales are not optimized today. As over 60% of businesses are done using cell phones, more and more calls are slipping through the cracks due to a wide range of technical, operational, and regulatory reasons, causing loss of info and ineffective Sales pipelines. There is also a risk of brand damage and customer churn.

How is the insurance sector different from other sectors?
: Companies in highly regulated verticals such as financial services and insurance, as well as healthcare, often need call recordings as means to prove their good conduct, especially in cases of a HIPAA, legal, financial, or taxation concern raised by a regulatory agency, or client/customer legal disputes. As a result, the regulator now mandates that transactional business calls are recorded and stored in more and more areas to protect both clients and service providers alike.

How does your product fit into the changing work habits?
: Here’s an example: You work for an insurance company and sell building, car, and health care insurance to a fast-growing startup. The purchasing manager tries to contact you to know if the current insurance policies also cover corona-related issues and what additional insurances or premium payments might be needed to cover all employees and contingencies. She calls you at work, but the switchboard tells her that you are now out of the office. She calls you on your cellphone, but you miss the call since you are on the phone with another client, and besides – you’re currently driving. You hear that someone is trying to call you, but since you do not know if it’s private or not, you decide to call whoever it is back at a later time. Unfortunately, without Mobile2CRM, the call isn’t registered in the CRM, and eventually, you do not remember to return the call. The purchasing manager gets upset since you could not be reached and concludes that you don’t care enough or are simply unresponsive…. and you’ve just lost a client.
With Mobile2CRM, that can’t happen – the unanswered call is captured, logged, and flagged in the CRM, you know that it is a business call as it rings on the business line of your handset, the communication process is tracked, and the deal is saved.

What systems can mobile2CRM integrate with?
: Mobile2CRM integrates with CRM platforms such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, call recording systems such as Audiocodes and Nice, Analytics, and other business software such as Microsoft Teams, Gong, etc.
At Mobile2CRM, we’re always on the lookout for exciting technology partnerships.  We believe in synergies and making our and others’ offerings more robust and comprehensive in the eyes of existing and future customers. Therefore, we seek reliable technology partners and offer full-featured APIs, mobile-ready SDK, and dedicated support for new integrations.

How can the transcription abilities you have help insurance salespeople?
: An archive of complete call recordings is a significant game-changer in archiving real-life interactions. Transcription of these calls takes this to a yet higher level of functionality, allowing for advanced search and speed in locating relevant references (for example – during calls with clients that refer to past interactions) on the one hand, and saving a heck of a lot of time for agents who do not have to manually type action items, call summaries, etc. into CRMs and other systems.

Who are your business partners or distributors?
: Mobile2CRM is available via Salesforce AppExchange, and leading analytics companies such as GONG.IO. Additionally, we are working with leading CRM integrators. Mobile2CRM is constantly looking to add local Value-Added Resellers and System Integrators. Please visit our partner page to learn more.

What insurance companies or Agents are you currently working with?

Behar: Mobile2CRM is already deployed today in quite a few mid-size insurance agencies in Israel, partnering with Novidea and BAFI. In addition, mobile2CRM’s offering has been featured in several leading insurance industry publications, and we’re currently taking our first steps in the North American market.

What investments were made in the company?
: The company has been funded by highly experienced and reputable super angel investors and will begin a financial round soon; please contact us if you are open to participating.

Tell me about your professional background and other key figures in the company?

Joshua Behar, CEO Of Mobile2CRM

Behar: I have 25 years of experience in sales, operations, management & consulting, serving as the CEO of Ericom Software, cybersecurity, and secured remote access global company. He transitioned the 24-year-old company into Cyber Security, resulting in double-digit growth.

Previously I was the General Manager of Time To Know Inc., an innovative startup in the education space. Before that, Joshua worked in Amdocs for 11+ years in business leadership roles such as Corp VP & Head of Worldwide Sales, Co-founder, and COO of Amdocs consulting division, V.P. Sales for the Americas, and more.

Shai Ben Arzi, the CTO, is an experienced Chief Technology Officer with extensive experience in the communications industry. Expert in organizational communication solutions, mobile to CRM solutions, CRM customer journey, CRM mobility, unified communication, contact centers Omni Channel, VoIP, SIP, and Mobile Value-Added Services (VAS). Shai specializes in finding a creative solution to complex communication issues. Before Mobile2CRM, Shai accumulated extensive knowledge and experience developing communication solutions for the U.S. government and other global organizations.







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