Eight insuretech entrepreneurs will meet with senior executives of the biggest insurers in the USA and also with leading brokers and investment funds. The insuretech companies taking part: Psyber, Urbanico, Insursights, Covary, Emnotion, Ravin.AI, Sigma and GamaSec.

A party of eight startup senior executives, graduates of the first two sessions of Israel’s first international insuretech accelerator set up by Ayalon, Insuretech Israel and BrokerTech Ventures has set out for roadshows in the United States, which will include a series of meetings with senior executives of the biggest insurers in the USA: State Farm, Travelers and All State, and also with leading brokers and investment funds.

The party comprises entrepreneurs of eight startups who have successfully completed Ayalon’s insuretech accelerator:

  • Five Sigma: Developing a system for managing the elementary claims set-up at insurance companies.
  • AI: Developing a system for estimating damages in motor claims based on pictures of the vehicle after an accident.
  • Emnotion: Has developed a long-term forecasting system of climatic changes and natural catastrophes assisting insurance companies in underwriting and damage prevention.
  • Covary: Has developed a peer-to-peer insurance platform.
  • Insursights: A system which assists health insurance policyholders to know their rights and receive automatic and personal service from insurance companies.
  • Urbanico: Developing a system that is capable of gathering urban data at a high level of precision, to enable insurers to carry out higher quality elementary insurance underwriting.
  • Psyber: Cyber protection.
  • Gamasec: Cyber protection.

Ayalon CEO Arik Yogev: “Ayalon is continuing to implement its innovation strategy at the same time as developing digital products and services, we are very proud of the fruits of the insurtech accelerator that we have setup under the professional leadership of InsurTech Israel CEO Kobi Bendalek. The startup entrepreneurs, graduates of our accelerator, embody the huge potential and we are already in process of integrating some of them within Ayalon Insurance’s systems. The startups have attracted interest not only in Israel but also amongst senior executives of the insurance giants in the USA and the roadshows trips to the USA represent an additional opportunity for the young entrepreneurs for exposure to overseas insurance companies and investors, both at a business level and at a professional level and I have no doubt that they will know how to successfully exploit the new markets opening up before them”.

Kobi Bendalek, the insuretech’s driving force and professional manager: “The excellent connection which has been built up by us over the years with the insurance sector in the USA, together with the huge interest in what is happening here in Israel, has allowed us to start out on a unique journey the like of which does not exist anywhere else in the world of insurance and the insuretech industry. The trip of the eight insuretecch startups will take them to the four insurance centers in the USA (Hartford, Stanford, New York and Des Moines) in five days. The added value for the startups in meeting many senior sector executives and investors face to face is huge for the startups in our acceleration program”.

InsurTech Israel CEO Kobi Bendalek

Ayalon Headquarters, Innovation and Human Resources Manager Roni Lichtenstein-Shani:
“We are proud of the success of the first two sessions of our accelerator and we are of course continuing to develop and advance the bright entrepreneurs and developers. Already at this stage we are seeing the big contribution of the accelerator to Israeli hi-tech and to the insurance sector and without a doubt very important added value is being developed here for Ayalon’s customers and its agents.



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