Click-Ins Ltd: Pre-underwriting requires good expertise – we provide a revolutionary unique Pre underwriting check as a service


Click-Ins Ltd is Pre underwriting check as a service. The car insurance industry relies mainly on traditional customer declaration to check for possible red flags that will cause problems during the underwriting process.

Pre-underwriting requires good expertise, and not all have such expertise in-house.

Click-Ins provides a revolutionary unique Pre underwriting check as a service, which means that

process can be made faster, more standardized, and the solution will ensure that images are sent directly for inspection, helping insurance companies avoid fraud and gain the correct documentation.

The key figures in the company are Doron Gohar, CEO , Dmitry Geyzersk, CTO, Yuval Danieli, VP Projects & CS and Greenberg Eugene, Chairman.

from the left: Dmitry Geyzersky – CTO, Doron Gohar – CEO and Greenberg Eugene – Chairman

What is the problem in the insurance sector that you are trying to solve?

Gain a complete and accurate car condition from day 1 to reduce loss ration.

What is your business model?  

SAAS solution – pay per inspection.

what are the values for insurance companies/brokers?

Reduce loss ratio become more profitable – bigger payout.

How can you benefit with the insureds?

Smother process, discounts for “clean cars“.

What investments were made in the company so far?

Above 15M$

What deals have you signed so far?
The company is commercially active global with tier 1 companies : USA, LATAM, EUROPE, APEC.


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