Connected Insurance & Shepherd Compello help digital marketplaces to emerge and solve their number one barrier… INSURANCE


Connected Insurance in partnership with Shepherd Compello Lloyd’s broker have established an MGA offering with the Apollo ibott 1971 Syndicate to deliver the next generation insurance solutions for the Digital Economy. 

Apollo ibott 1971 at Lloyds insures many of the largest Sharing Economy and innovative companies in the world.  Their partnership with Connected Insurance (CI) in collaboration with Shepherd Compello, uniquely positions CI to help Digital marketplaces in the USA, Europe, and the UK to emerge and solve a huge barrier for any player in the growing Sharing Economy space.

“Platform insurance is the greatest barrier for Shared Mobility and Digital Marketplaces, existing policies are expensive and do not reflect their actual risk,” said Tal Cohen, CEO of Connected Insurance, “The new partnership will allow us to offer affordable, accurate and transparent coverages, designed for the Digital Economy. Our unique offering includes full access to our innovative risk platform, which allows our clients to manage and lower their risk costs globally”

Chris Moore, Head of Apollo iBott says “We are obsessed with delivering future-proof data-driven insurance solutions for our clients.  CI has built a platform that can help enable our clients to offer embedded insurance solutions to their user base and collect granular data to drive future risk modeling”.

John Shepherd, CEO of Shepherd Compello says “we are pleased to join forces with CI and enter this new field of business, merging our strength, legacy, and know-how in the insurance markets. This places us in the front to offer bespoke insurance products and support the growth of this new raising industry”

Connected Insurance, create robust insurance solutions for digital platforms and marketplaces, that are backed by evidence-based pricing and machine learning risk assessment. Its technology takes into account live data feeds coming from the platforms, predicts a risk score and price every transaction separately.


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