David Maman, Binah.ai CEO: The Inclusion Of Our Capabilities In Sompo’s Live App Is A Proof Of Trust In Our Technology


David Maman, Binah.ai founder and CEO

“The inclusion of our capabilities in Sompo Himawara Life‘s live app, launched on the local Japanese market, is another proof of trust in our technology”, says David Maman, Binah.ai founder and CEO.

Sompo has recently launched a new App based on Binah.ai’s technology.  Maman spoke with INSURTECH ISRAEL NEWS about the cooperation with Sompo, and said: “We are very happy and honored to count Sompo as a long time customer and recently, as a strategic partner and investor. The POC we completed with Sompo Himawari Life was announced this last January after our solution underwent rigorous, 9 months long testing run by SOMPO Himawari Life with a local university on over a hundred patients of all ages. The inclusion of our capabilities in Sompo Himawara Life’s live app, launched on the local Japanese market, is another proof of trust in our technology. We are happy to serve Sompo Himawari Lifes customers and looking forward to see how we both make a true, great impact on their wellbeing.

* Sompo has recently launched a new product based on Binah.ai’s technology. what ‎is the use that Sompo does with it?

Maman: As their announcement states, SOMPO Himawari Life is aiming to transform ourselves into a “health support company” that keeps customers healthy, while maintaining the original function of an insurance company. They developed the Links app to help those who want to take better control of their health and general wellbeing.  

*  What other companies are using Binah.ai’s technology?

Maman: Other companies that we can currently mention using our capabitlies are Burnalong, a US-based corporate wellness platform provider, Emerals Clinics in Australia, US-based QCM for measuring mental stress and vital signs in pain clinics, Fulcrum PerformanceUS-based full-service sports performance training company who are are committed to using science and technology to improve the overall performance and safety of athletes, including NFL alumni and many more that we will soon announce.

A Theme Park for Security, Health & Wellbeing


SOMPO Digital Lab Tel Aviv is one of three worldwide innovation centers of SOMPO, the leading insurance company and one of the largest providers of nursing care services in Japan.

With 80,000 employees worldwide, and revenue of about $36B, SOMPO is looking for cutting-edge technologies to support its operations and provide new services to its clients in the fields of Insurtech, Mobility, Cyber Security, Digital Health, Industry 4.0, Blockchain, Smart Cities, Agritech and more.

SOMPO Himawari Life Insurance will begin offering an app that allows insurance policyholders to easily perform health checkups on their smartphones. By taking a short video of your face with a smartphone, the app can analyze the degree of stress and can extract information about the risk of lifestyle-related diseases. The free service will be launched in Japan, and is expected to be used by 90,000 people within a year.

The release of the health checkup app is a result of collaboration between Himawari life insurance and innovative tech companies.

The stress level check is in partnership with Binah.ai, an Israeli startup which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to extract vital signs and bio markers based on a video feed.

Those vital signs are translated into a stress level score and presented to the app user.

Binah.ai has been working closely with Sompo over the past year in a joint development project that also included equity investment in the company by Sompo.   

Another function the app offers is lifestyle-related disease risk assessment. This functionality is achieved through collaboration with Toshiba and is based on AI models that provide insights from 190,000 health records as well as the individual user’s medical health checkup data.

Through the release of the health checkup mobile app, Sompo is looking to support its policyholders, improve their quality of life and support the vision of being “A Theme Park for Security, Health & Wellbeing”.


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