EasySend empowers organizations to transform complex forms into easy digital experience | The Israeli Delegation to Insurtech Insights 2023 conference


EasySend is a no-code platform that empowers organizations to transform complex forms, customer data intake and signature collection processes into easy digital experiences. By collecting customer data and signatures in a way that seamlessly integrates into internal systems and processes, EasySend empowers organizations to automate workflows and streamline customer interactions.

Tal Daskal is the CEO & Co-Founder, Eran Shirazi is the CTO & Co-Founder and Omer Shirazi is the COO & Co-Founder.

EasySend team

This article is a part of a series of articles presenting the Israeli delegation to the Insurtech Insights 2023

What are the values for the insurance sector?
We was originally founded to help the insurance sector by taking clunky PDF and manual processes and converting them into streamline workflows that were both seamless to build and manage, and a better experience for customers. Today, EasySend offers companies within the Insurance sector a way to  manage their customer data intake journey without using code. The EasySend platform saves time and labor by digitizing quotes, applications, onboarding, and/or claims through an integrated and customized platform for both the business and the customer.

What are your expectations from the convention?
We are attending Insurtech Insights UK to not only meet, converse and learn from thought leaders in the industry, but to also engage with companies in the space who are looking for innovative solutions to improve their workflows and processes, and to offer a better overall experience for their customers.

What moves are you planning to implement in 2023?
We are on a trajectory of expanding on a global scale. With headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel, EasySend has a growing team within the United States, United Kingdom and Europe, Australia, and Japan with a new customer base in LATAM.  EasySend is also expanding and creating more viable opportunities and valued business through partner networking through some of the top core systems, but not limited to, Guidewire, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Toppan Forms – and more are soon to be announced.



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