EasySend Featured in Sifted’s “The Rising 100” Report for 2023


EasySend has been featured in this week’s edition of “The Rising 100” report by Sifted for 2023. The company believes that this recognition highlights the remarkable impact, scalability, and excitement within the B2B SaaS ecosystem.

EasySend expressed their gratitude, stating, “It is an honor to be among these companies – all of whom are building products that solve critical problems and offer real-world value to their customers.”

“The Rising 100” report, recently launched by Sifted, focuses on showcasing Europe’s hottest B2B startups for 2023. The report aims to shed light on the most promising companies in this space.

Sifted’s comprehensive evaluation process involved reviewing numerous startups and ultimately selecting 100 outstanding participants that are shaping the entrepreneurial landscape in Europe. These startups represent a wide range of industries and have been recognized for their potential for substantial growth, disruptive technology, and unique value propositions.

EasySend’s inclusion in “The Rising 100” report is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and its ability to meet the evolving needs of its customers. By providing groundbreaking solutions, EasySend has established itself as a key player in the rapidly expanding B2B SaaS landscape.

This recognition from Sifted reinforces EasySend’s position as an industry leader as it continues to pursue its mission of simplifying and enhancing business processes through cutting-edge technology. The company’s customer-centric solutions and dedication to solving critical challenges will undoubtedly contribute to its continued success in the dynamic and competitive world of B2B SaaS.



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