EasySend Has Launched a New Product Feature: EasySend Analytics


EasySend has  launched a new product feature: EasySend Analytics. With interactive analytics dashboards built into the platform, users can now track and measure the results of their digital processes and deep dive into collected customer data on the EasySend platform in real time.

EasySend Analytics enables businesses to drill down into their workflow usage and end-user data at every stage of their digital processes. Platform users can leverage the analytics tool to compare and improve bounce rates and conversions, discover top processes, spot gaps and errors in the funnel, evaluate performance, analyze revenue, and identify trends – all while keeping data secure and compliant.

Designed with cutting-edge technology and user-centric features, EasySend Analytics has advanced data visualization capabilities that provide users a variety of intuitive and visually stunning charts, graphs, and heatmaps – all seamlessly integrating with live customer data and ultimately delivering a better and more holistic understanding of customers.

At a premium, EasySend users can purchase greater analytics capabilities that allow them even more granular insights into digital processes and end-user data by creating their own custom dashboards using the data points they prioritize most. With over 30 data visualization options available and custom filters, premium analytics users have more insights than ever before.

EasySend Analytics empowers businesses to unlock deeper insights, make data-driven decisions with confidence, transform the way they harness the power of data, and predict the future.


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