Healthee Joins Forces with Johnson & Dugan to Revolutionize Employee Health Benefits


Healthee, the game-changer in employee health benefits solutions, is thrilled to announce its exciting partnership with Johnson & Dugan, the dynamic brokerage renowned for its innovative approach to employee benefits. This collaboration is set to shake up the industry and bring unprecedented ease and efficiency to Johnson & Dugan’s valued clients.

At the heart of Healthee’s offering is its AI-powered platform, a leader in the employee health benefits realm. Healthee’s robust platform puts the power back into the hands of employees. With Healthee, employees gain instant access to vital information regarding their health benefits, helping them make informed decisions about their healthcare needs. Whether it’s understanding the cost of medical procedures or locating top-rated in-network providers, Healthee takes the complexity out of healthcare.

“We’re excited to join forces with Johnson & Dugan to bring our solution to a wider user base on the West Coast,” said Guy Benjamin, Co-founder and CEO of Healthee. “Our goal is to reinvent the way employees engage with their health benefits, and this partnership expands our ability to make a meaningful impact on employee health and company bottom lines.”

Johnson & Dugan, known for their innovative spirit and dedication to the latest in benefits innovations, sees the immense potential of Healthee’s platform. By weaving Healthee into their offerings, they’re empowering their clients to navigate the complexities of healthcare with confidence.

“The Healthee app aggregates features that we’ve been able to get from multiple apps into one app,” said Michael Mulqueeney, Vice President of Business Development at Johnson & Dugan. “That’s the biggest stop gap there—it’s the assembling or accumulation of different features and services and tools into one place.”

“Healthee is agnostic to all of our services, integrations, and plans,” he continued. “What’s really unique and different is that networks like Kaiser Permanente can be included under this platform.”

Together, Healthee and Johnson & Dugan are gearing up to shake things up in the world of employee health benefits, promising a future of accessibility, transparency, and empowerment like never before.


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