Healthee : we’ve been able to save HR professionals 9 hours a week by not having to deal with navigating employee’s health and wellness benefits questions


Healthee have developed a first of its kind digital health assistant that helps employees get all the answers they need about their health and wellness coverage/benefits and how to find high-quality, affordable care in a digital-first, instant, approach. The company have been founded by Guy Benjamin, Co-CEO, Ben Nagar, Co-CEO, Elad Ofir, Chief Data Officer, Ben Goldenberg, VP R&D.

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With Healthee, employees can instantly access information like:

*What they’re covered for (including medical/dental/vision and other employer-provided wellness benefits)

*How much care may cost them (with copays, deductibles, and coinsurance)

*Which facilities nearby provide the highest quality care at the best cost

*What is the best plan for them and their families

*Which health and wellness benefits do they have

What problem is it meant to solve?
US employers invest $1.6T every year on employees health, on average $10K a year on each employee but 70% of US employees do not know what they are covered for, 60% of employees delay or avoid treatment because they are not sure if they are covered for it. Navigating US health and wellness benefits is hard and complicated, having healthcare doesn’t mean that you have access to healthcare and that is exactly what we’re fixing. In their business model they charge a fixed fee per covered employee per month from the employer

What investments have been made in the company so far?
We have raised $23M seed round last year, led by Group 11, one of the world leading fintech VC, located on the west coast.

What is your current business situation?
We only came to market at the beginning of the year and are already working with tens of employer groups, are in conversations with over 50 broker firms, and have already signed a number of partnership agreements.

Which companies interests you as business partners?
We are looking to partner with more health insurance brokers and carriers in the US.

What kind of feedback are you getting?
We have two main customer personas – the HR and the employee.
So far, we’ve been able to save HR professionals 9 hours a week by not having to deal with navigating employee’s health and wellness benefits questions, and are getting really good feedback from them. They also love the fact that Zoe basically becomes an extension of the HR team and takes all of that off their plate. Lastly, HR teams value that Zoe also provide information on what health and wellness benefits employees really care about.
For employees, we’re receiving amazing feedback from people who finally have way to know what their options are, they don’t need to call anyone or go to 5 different platforms to find coverage, providers, etc. Employees love the fact that Zoe is always available and they can interact with her on their time and their terms. They also value the fact that they can remain discrete about their health issues and do not need to share any personal health details with their HR or a call center agent.



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