Direct Insurance has launched the Direct SOS sensor which identifies road accidents in real time. The sensor identifies and analyzes road accident data in real time, these being sent automatically to the company. The sensor is able to give a good approximate estimate of the damage to the vehicle, the area of damage and its severity, and where there are injured parties the area of bodily injury and the severity of the injury. If there are bodily injuries, the sensor broadcasts directly to the MDA emergency ambulance service, which sends an ambulance to the accident scene.

The data sent by the sensor assist Direct Insurance in operating the insurance event, from the initial conversation with the customer in real time to give assistance, sending rescue or a tow vehicle and also for the purpose of paying insurance benefits. The data sent to MDA include a detailed report on the severity of the accident, the areas of possible bodily injury, the GPS location and the vehicle model for fast identification. The company believes that MDA receiving an estimate of the various injuries will be able to take care of them more accurately and come to an educated decision on the most relevant hospital for giving the correct treatment.

Customers wishing to receive the sensor will receive it at their home via a courier at no cost and with the necessary installation instructions.

From the moment of installation, the sensor will operate automatically with no action required on the part of the driver. The company says that in the case of serious accidents where the driver is unable to report, the sensor can save lives and prevent life threatening delays in the arrival of an ambulance. According to a European Community study, it is estimated that 44% of road accident fatalities could have been saved if information about the injuries was immediately available.

The sensor was created by the Israeli goMD startup and operates independently both from the point of view of the source of energy and also from the communications point of view and does not require connection to the vehicle itself. The sensor monitors data via an algorithm in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer and model. The company says that it does not monitor the insured’s trips – it is defined as being “dormant” and operates only if it identifies an accident.

The company says that the services that have been added by the company recently are part of a revolution on its service approach. Amongst other things the “Service Where You Are” that operates in the event of an accident and includes a team that arrives where the insured’s vehicle is located, moving the vehicle to a garage and providing a substitute vehicle. A 24/7 call center guiding and assisting customers involved in accidents, 24 hors a day.

Direct Insurance Marketing VP Merav Klifer-Peretz: “Direct Insurance continues leading the customer service revolution within the framework of our strategy of telling customers when they need the insurance to “leave it all to us”. The aim is to raise the standard of the service for our insureds and to be there for them in time of need, particularly in the case of an accident or when the vehicle is damaged. The goal is premium service for all customers at no additional cost”.



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