Insuretech Israel Held With The Difc A Meeting Between Israeli Startups And Uae Insurers And Investors


The Insurtech Israel venture capital investment fund, which specializes in insurtech, Held A meeting between Israeli startups and United Arab Emirates insurance companies and investors.

The insurtechs that took part in the meeting are: Berzon, AirDoctor, Open legacy, Insurtix, Treepodia, Contguard, Bestfit, Click-Ins, Go and Insuritat. Ohad Maodi, a representative from the Israeli Insurance regulator, also participated in the event, alongside with Salmaan Jaffery – Chief Business Development Officer in the DIFC.

From the Emirates side, the largest insurance companies took part in the event, including the headquarters of international insurers based in the Emirates.

Insurtech Israel CEO and founder Kobi Bendelak said that the insurance scene in the Emirates is similar to that in Israel, but is most characterized by construction and industrial risks. He added that the area of individual insurances is highly developed in the Emirates and it leads the rest of the Gulf countries in deepening the use of insurance. According to Bendellak, the insurtech world in the Emirates is very advanced and there are no few entrepreneurs. The insurance companies in the Emirates also want to be part of the process and are interested in investing in Israeli startups, alongside local investment bodies who are interested in expanding their mix of investments. Israel is regarded as a leading player in the insurtech world and there is much interest in this activity.


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