Insuretech Startup Robin Hood Pro Sells Its Insurance ‎agency


The Robin Hood PRO Ltd. insuretech startup has decided to sell its insurance agency ‎Robin

Yossi Yarkoni

Yossi Yarkoni – Founder & CEO – Robin

Hood Pension Insurance Agency 2016 Ltd before the Corona crisis as part of it’s attempts to focus on a B2B2C strategy adopted early last year that resulted already in some leading financial institutions as a customers for its new Digital Broker As a Service. Now the attempts are being accelerated in order to also overcome its cash flow ‎shortage as a result of the Corona crisis.‎

A number of parties have already expressed willingness to acquire the agency and the ‎brand name in order to develop their businesses and include the app in their marketing ‎set-up. Amongst those showing interest are two insurance companies, credit card ‎companies that are interested in entering the sector and large investment house.‎

The digital insurance agency owns the Robin brand in Israel. The agency has in its ‎possession the details of tens of thousands of customers who downloaded the company’s ‎app and received their pension and long term saving portfolio from the pension clearing house and Insurance coverages from the governmental “Insurance Mountain” centerlized data base. The agency ‎has exclusive right of use of the Robin technology in Israel.‎

After completion of the sale of the agency, the Robin Hood insuretech startup will ‎continue holding the intellectual property rights in the technology, the professional ‎knowledge, the workers and the agreements for the sale of the technology to financial ‎institutions in Israel and abroad.‎

Policy has been informed that  the agency’s parent company, Robin Hood Pro experienced a withdrawal of one of its investors from an investment ‎transaction.

There are serious discussions in progress with a number of financial entities ‎regarding an investment in the company.‎

Robin was established five years ago, with more than $5 million invested in it ‎to date.‎


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