Insurtech Israel and Ayalon will partner with BrokerTech Ventures establishing an International InsurTech Accelerator

Arik Yogev, Ayalon CEO

Arik Yogev, Ayalon CEO

Insurtech Israel, Ayalon Insurance company and Brokertech Venture , together with an international coalition of leading parties in the global insurance industry, , is forming an International Insurtech Accelerator.

the Accelerator will  investment in the dedicated project to develop projects in the insurtech industry, is estimated at NIS 10 million.

Japanese insurance giant Sompo and international firms: Deloitte, Sapians, DELL, Milliman and Israeli law firm Shibolet have joined as business partners.

Kobi Bendalak

the Israeli Insurtech Accelerator is  unique accelerator will hold two cycles per year in the first stage, with four to five potential startups selecting the highest potential in each cycle. The selection will be made by a panel of leading Israeli and international experts in the business environment of the insurance technology and investment world, who will also serve as mentors to entrepreneurs and help them submit cohesive business proposals to investors and insurance companies in Israel and around the world.

Among the leading mentors in the insurance world who have enlisted in Ayalon’s accelerator are Dr. Benedict Laudag, Allianz‘s VP of Data in Germany, YorgTobias Intratoir – Head of Smart Home Laboratory at Zurich Insurance, Alexander RispelAssurly‘s General Manager, Oshri Kaplan – Investment Manager at Munich Re Ventures and Dr. Robin Kira, Senior Director at

Insurtech Israel, which is managed by Kobi Bendelak, will be responsible for professional management.

“Through InsurTech Israel, we have been on a journey to locate the most compelling insurtech solutions which are cultivated right here in our home county,” said Kobi Bendelak, Co-Founder and CEO of InsurTech Israel. “Through the formation of The Israeli InsurTech Accelerator, and with the support of BrokerTech Ventures, we stand to amplify our efforts and validate insurtech solutions at a much more rapid pace.”

“Through BrokerTech Ventures, we have enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with Kobi and InsurTech Israel over the last several months,” said Dan Keough Chairman & CEO of Holmes Murphy, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of BrokerTech Ventures . “Taking steps to formalize our relationship in fueling the first broker-led insurtech accelerator in Israel is exciting for us and a statement into future international opportunities for BrokerTech Ventures.”




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