Israeli Insurtech Companies Conclude an Exceptionally Successful Quarter


Amid the challenges of the last quarter, Israeli insurtech startups have outdone themselves, showcasing their resilience and innovation. During the quarter, five exceptional startups collectively raised over $200 million in Series A and B funding rounds. This figure underscores the potential within the Israeli ecosystem in this field. 

The standout companies that secured significant funding are Healthee, DigitalOwl, Antidote Health, Honeycomb Insurance, and Novidea. Each of these companies demonstrates innovation in digital health and health insurance, offering advanced technological solutions that are reshaping the insurtech landscape.

Kobi Bendelak, CEO of Insurtech Israel, stated that the tech ecosystem in Israel, particularly in the insurtech sector, continues to show substantial growth. Israel, known as the “Startup Nation,” is ranked high among the world’s leading countries in technology and innovation. Investor support, platforms that encourage entrepreneurship, and distinctive local talent form a solid foundation for the success of companies in this field.

Kobi Bendelak commented, “Despite the challenging period that began even before the war and intensified afterward, these funding rounds show incredible confidence in the Israeli insurtech ecosystem and its results, further strengthening the amazing work that has turned Tel Aviv into one of the global insurtech capitals.”

Bendelak noted that alongside the five mentioned companies, many other young startups also raised funds during the quarter. Although these fundraisings were not officially announced, they involved significant investments ranging from several hundred thousand dollars to a few million dollars. These fundings indicate ongoing awakening and development in Israel’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Looking Ahead

The excellent achievements of the current quarter are just the beginning. More fundraising rounds are expected in the coming quarters, with additional companies likely to join and secure significant funding to continue developing their advanced technologies. According to Bendelak, the Israeli insurtech industry is at its peak. The substantial investments, institutional and academic support, and ever-expanding international connections make Tel Aviv a unique incubator for breakthrough technologies. The current achievements are further proof of the local ecosystem’s strength and its global impact.

Bendelak added, “The confidence of international investors in our ecosystem, especially during such a period, is further proof that Israeli companies know how to provide real and innovative solutions to the global market.”


 In Summary

Israeli insurtech startups are experiencing a remarkable period of growth and development, with impressive achievements and significant fundraisings. The supportive environment, innovation, and local talent are enabling this success, and the future looks to hold many more positive surprises for the industry. Continued growth and anticipated investments ensure that Israel will remain at the forefront of global innovation, offering more and more technological solutions that will improve our lives.




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