Israeli Insurtech Serenus.AI won first place winner of MTL Tech Awards 2020


Tel-Aviv based startup, Serenus.AI won 1st place of MTL Tech Awards 2020, a leading innovation event in Canada by Printemps numérique.

Hillary Harel, CEO of Serenus.AI

Hillary Harel, CEO of Serenus.AI

Chosen out of hundreds of startups from across the globe, Serenus.AI won first place, by the public and the jury among them representatives from international companies such as Deloitte, and OVHcloud.

The Serenus.AI™ (Patent Pending) system is an artificial intelligence-based platform developed to assist medical professionals, insurers and patients with their medical treatment decisions, providing the right treatment for the right patient at minimum time.

This innovative cloud-based platform uses unique algorithms that replicate the objective decision-making process of top physicians. This is achieved by combining the best, most up to date medical practice guidance, experienced professionals’ knowledge, and machine learning technologies. This results in a unique value proposition that benefits patients, physicians, and insurers by implementing a uniform objective medical standard across entire health systems.

For patients, Serenus.AI prevents unnecessary risks and costs, improving the level of care. For the physicians, it provides a real-time decision support system for each case and decreases the probability of clinical errors, reducing exhaustion of key frontline staff and the impact of loss of manpower and lack of resources. For insurers, it streamlines prior authorizations, improving efficiencies and saving valuable resources.

The system also provides meaningful structured data that will allow prospective learning finding correlations between patients’ indicators, outcomes and the effectiveness of treatment protocols.

Serenus.AI is focusing on solving a global challenge of unnecessary medical treatments.

Studies published in recent years show that a considerable proportion of procedures are unnecessary or inappropriate, endangering the lives of patients and causing a burden on healthcare systems by wasting valuable resources that could be better used elsewhere. This problem rapidly attains extreme proportions during extraordinary emergencies such as the novel corona virus pandemic, which is putting a huge burden on the health systems.

Serenus.AI™ has won prestigious international awards and grants and the company is currently active with leading stakeholders in the healthcare field in Europe and the US.



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