Ledgertech AG: We are the one who speeds up the time to market and enables businesses to launch new digital insurance products in a matter of days


Ledgertech is a digital insurance technology company providing a Low code/No code Insurtech platform for embedded insurance and MGA As A Service (MAAS).

they enable insurers and MGAs to create new digital insurance products in days rather than months or years and utilize their partner eco-systems of technology, data, capacity, and fronting providers. The Ledgertech platform can be used for any insurance use case and consumption models, including PAYG, PHYG, UBI and P2P

What is the problem in the insurance sector that you are trying to solve? 

We are the one who speeds up the time to market and enables businesses to launch new digital insurance products in a matter of days rather than months or years and utilize the latest insurtech components such as telematics, satellite weather data, digital mapping, vulnerability and threat assessment, etc.

what are the values for insurance companies/brokers? 

Our key focus is embedded insurance now.

For business, we offer something unique and innovative that help them to better serve their customers.

For the end user, we make life easier: they get a better price and a worry-free life. For insurers, we open a channel they would have never had access to.

Insurers usually need 9-12 months to create new insurance products.  As they usually manage big complex global platforms, it’s usually difficult.

Our low-code/no-code digital insurance platform enables them to do it in a matter of days.

Our fundamental USP is that we help insurers with the business side as well. Through a network of business partners, we bring the necessary capacity and fronting and enable them to offer complete insurance products.

 What deals have you signed so far? 

Over the past few years, Ledgertech has been working with customers and business partners, including Telecom providers, Insurance companies, Digital Banks, Payment solution providers, MGAs, and others. We integrated best-of-breed technology and data providers into the Ledgertech platform, enabling our customers to create new innovative digital insurance products that utilize the latest insurtech components. For example, we enable embedded motor insurance based on telematic and driving-related data for better risk assessment and pricing. We also offer parametric crop insurance based on unique weather and earth observation data. We’ve brought digital innovation to the world of travel insurance by creating an annual, pay-as-you-go digital travel insurance for mobile operators and their customers. The underwriting is done once, and the customer gets insurance eligibility for a year, meaning that if his medical condition changes during this period, he is still covered at no extra cost. This is a location-based insurance product, and

through an integration with the mobile operator core platform, we track the customer’s location (on a country level) and provide travel insurance coverage wherever he travels.

Eran Tirer, Founder & CEO. Tirer  is the Former CEO EZSource an IBM Company and CEO/co-founder of EZSource, Tirer has worked in executive positions in the software industry for over 30 years. Tirer holds an LLB in Law & is a graduate of the Israeli Military Software Engineering Academy.

Omer Caspi, Founder & CTO.  Caspi is a Former Chief Architect ADDI & STSM at IBM, CTO and co-founder of EZSource, Caspi has held senior software engineering positions for over 25 years. Caspi holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MBA.

Yael Yariv, Chief Insurance Business Officer. Yariv is a Former Senior VP at several leading Israeli Insurance companies. Head of Non-Life Division (private lines) and in charge of underwriting, claims and marketing.  Yariv has Over 24 years of experience in the insurance industry, In a variety of senior positions. Yael holds a BA in Political Science and Sociology & Anthropology.




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