Travel insurance will be offered digitally from end to end, including purchase. Insurance includes, amongst other things, hospitalization, air evacuation and flight to Israel, reimbursement of special expenses and accompanying person flights

With the end of the school year, Libra announced last week its entry into the travel insurance sector. According to its announcement, the travel insurance will be offered digitally from end to end, with claims payments being made to the policyholder’s credit card, as soon as the claims are reported. When needed, the insured can consult digitally with Israeli medical practitioners anywhere and at any time, easily and conveniently.

The policy purchase is also carried out digitally, via the company’s website. Insureds carrying repeat policy purchases will do so in shortened digital process, with only needing to enter the destination and travel dates.

The travel insurance policy includes: coverage of medical expenses including during hospitalization; air and/or sea evacuation; emergency dental treatment as well as reimbursement of special expenses whilst overseas, including expenses incurred due to having to remain abroad after the end of the insurance period; flight for a person accompanying the patient and accommodation close to where the insured is hospitalized, pregnancy up to the 12 weeks which was first diagnosed whilst abroad and also a return air ticket for the insured.

Apart from medical treatment, it will also be possible to purchase additional coverages: coverage for loss or damage to luggage, reimbursement of expenses due to late arrival of luggage, coverage for theft of a cellphone, computer or camera. The insurance also covers cancellation or shortening of trips also in case of Corona.

Libra founder and CEO Etty Elishkov: “Libra is continuing developing products that will give a consumer message to the public. As a digital company, we have developed a technological and innovative product in all aspects, from the stage of purchase, claims filing and through to payment of claims immediately on being reported, to the credit card, and all of this without an additional card. The new product will be accessible and friendly and will ease the process which usually requires bureaucracy or a physical card. The technological advantage receives expression also in repeat purchases, where the traveler needs to only enter the destination and travel dates, easing the purchase process and shortening it for the repeat policyholder.



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