MediMe Launches AI Health Insurance Platform


For the first time in Israel, the Israeli insurtech company MediMe is launching an innovative platform for insurance agents, focusing on the marketing and sales of health policies using advanced AI technology. The MediMe.AI system uses artificial intelligence to learn and analyze the entitlements of various policies, organize the data for the agent’s use, and compare different policies.

MediMe.AI allows any insurance agent, without any technical background, to perform complex analyses that until now only large, expensive, slow, and complicated commercial systems could do. It is reported that MediMe.AI operates quickly and accurately, reducing the agent’s work time by 80%, and sometimes by more than 95%, while improving the decision-making process with clients to increase sales, upgrade services, and sell products that the client lacks. The system is intended for insurance agents, agent offices, insurance companies, and sales and service centers.

MediMe showcases several key capabilities of the platform:

* One of the main tools is the policy comparison system for streamlining and increasing sales. In a simple action where the agent enters the client’s insurance details, MediMe.AI performs a comprehensive comparison between the current policy and the new proposed policy. This tool allows agents to clearly present the benefits of replacing or upgrading policies.

* Another tool is the customer retention tool, which allows for quick comparisons of the existing policy against competing offers without deep familiarity with the proposals. The system presents the advantages and disadvantages, simplifying the process of maintaining relationships with existing clients by showing updates and changes that could benefit them.

* Another capability of MediMe.AI enables agents to sell add-ons and service endorsements. With the click of a button, agents can understand which products the client is missing, which suitable products are available in the company they are insured with or in other companies, and offer additional coverages and service endorsements accordingly.

* Another component assists in responding to insurance claims. When a client contacts an agent, the agent can receive a simple and clear table of the existing coverages for the insured.

MediMe notes that the company is already in negotiations with several insurance companies and service providers for insurance agents in Israel to integrate the system into the companies’ systems, allowing agents to operate transparently between the different systems.

With the launch of the new activity, MediMe is initiating a limited campaign, providing around 200 insurance agents with access and use of the system for a limited period – free of charge and without obligation.

For more details and a system demonstration, visit the company’s website at



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