The Israeli Delegation to ITC 2022 | Mobile2CRM: Our technology overcomes organizational “blind spots“ created by employees using a personal cell phone for work



Joshua Behar, CEO

Mobile2CRM’s technology overcomes the critical organizational “blind spots“ created by employees using a personal cell phone for work. Mobile2CRM integrates cellular technology with CRM, call recording, analytics and other business systems capturing business-only communications. Mobile2CRM enables businesses and organizations to integrate their cellular and landline communications infrastructures into a comprehensive envelope focused on simplifying processes, cutting operational costs, increasing efficiency, and supporting growth acceleration.
For organizations capitalizing on Microsoft Technology, Mobile2CRM also turns Microsoft Teams into a next-gen holistic communications platform – without compromising on privacy.

The key figures in the company are Joshua Behar, Shai Ben Arzi, CTO, Iris Nir, CFO, Ilan Paretsky, CMO, Ron Barak, V.P. Sales and Business Development and Nittay Shalom, VP R&D.

This article is a part of a series of articles presenting the Israeli delegation to the ITC conference.

What problem is it meant to solve?
In recent years, business and work have become increasingly cellular-centered – a trend that dramatically accelerated in the past two years. While handling landline communications well enough, current corporate and organizational communications infrastructures are much less successful when it comes to cell phone business communications with corporate systems – capturing, logging, recording and retaining. With over 60% of business and work-related communications these days done over cell phones, organizations and companies are hard-pressed to handle the transformation, or suffer severe business consequences and regulatory challenges.

What is your business model?
The business model is SaaS, and is based on a hybrid direct/partner sales model. The solution is also available on leading ISVs online stores such as Salesforce’s and Microsoft’s.

How do you see the current situation in that area on the insurance industry today?
Insurance firms face a multitude of sales and retention roadblocks as mobile phone calls and texts become an integral part of the pipeline. Unrecorded or undocumented mobile calls, lack of call-record integration with CRM tools, technical issues with globalization trends, and compliance risks are just a few of the pain points. Simply put, insurance agency sales are not optimized today. As over 60% of businesses are done using cell phones, more and more calls are slipping through the cracks due to a wide range of technical, operational, and regulatory reasons, causing loss of info and ineffective Sales pipelines. There is also a risk of brand damage and customer churn.

What investments have been made in the company so far?
The company secured seed investment of several millions of dollars from a super-angel group and is currently planning a round A.

What is your current business situation?
The company has over 100 customers globally and in Israel, including in the insurance industry with customers like Peltours, the Cnaan Group and others.
Our business partners include Salesforce, Microsoft, Novidea, Bafi and others.

Which companies interests you?
Insurance brokers/agencies and distributors, especially those that have field agents and other off-prem and out-of-office staff and W2 employees.

What would be the compelling triggers for an insurance business to take immediate interest in your offering?
Agents and other staff’ use of mobile phones to interact with customers is accelerating dramatically, with an estimated 60% of business calls now made over cell phones. Valuable business information is generated during those interactions.

Mobile2CRM helps insurance companies and brokers utilize this information to upscale their sales and increase their revenues – by retaining this information.

Without Mobile to CRM’s functionality, these 60% can become a critical blind spot for business and companies.

In parallel, regulatory legislation and enforcement is accelerating in the insurance and global financial services industry (especially in the US – see $200M fine on JP Morgan Chase for allowing employees to use Whatsapp) mandating that provider/client business interactions over cell phones (voice, Text, WhatsApp, etc.) are recorded, documented and retained. Mobile2CRM securely and fully plugs this gap.






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