Moving To Video Medium Is A Game Changer For Insurance Companies


Q&A with Tal Rubenczyk, Treepodia CEO

* What does Treepodia do?

Rubenczyk: We enhance customers communication using AI powered videos.

* What is the value for an insurance company? 

Rubenczyk: Insurance companies manage complicated communication with their clients using personalized videos.

* What is the main problem in the insurance industry that treepodia is trying to solve?

Rubenczyk: Being perceived as complicated, not clear, sometimes it is related to things we prefer not to think of (getting old, being in a trouble). Moving to video medium is a game changer for them.

* What kind of videos have you produced so far for insurance companies? Rubenczyk: Many kinds of videos. Onboarding a new client, handling claims, discourage drawing savings, renewal of policy and even internally – motivating agents.

Treepodia’s videos are based on data. Can you explain how that works?

Rubenczyk: Once a use case is defined with the client, we analyze what is the dynamic information that should be reflected in the video. It is more than just name or birthday. And can refer to amounts, specific cases, tailored recommendation and more. Then our platform creates the personalized videos based on the data.

* One of the key elements in Treepodia’s videos  is that they are interactive. How can that feature help insurers?

Rubenczyk: In the insurance industry there is a massive amount of information and various options. A user can insert during the video feedback as of what’s more relevant to them, as well as insert numbers or other selections, and the video will proceed accordingly.

* What companies are you currently working with?

Rubenczyk: We work with major insurance companies such as AIG, Migdal, Phoenix, Health Now and more.

* What investments were made in the company?

Rubenczyk: We are backed by private investors.

* Tell me about key figures in the company.

Rubenczyk: We believe in long term relations – with our clients as well as with our employees. Most key people are with us for more than 5 years, which is above the average.


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