MP Check in Another Exclusive Collaboration with Clal Insurance: Medical Screening Tests at the Customer’s Home, for New Subscribers to Sapir Life Insurance Plan


MP Check in collaboration with Clal Insurance and Finance is leading a revolution in the life insurance industry:

for new subscribers to the Sapir life insurance plan, Clal will offer an exclusive and significant benefit – medical screening tests conducted in the comfort of the customer’s home.

As part of the offer, new customers who purchase a Sapir life insurance will be eligible to undergo medical screening tests for early, life-saving detection of disease at their own home, The entitlement includes screening tests once every two years

from the date of purchase of the insurance policy.

Nitzan Lahat, CEO of MP Check, added: “MP Check is thrilled to be a part of the revolution that Clal Insurance and Finance is leading in the life insurance industry, and to be enabling medical screening tests with maximum comfort at the customer’s home. I am certain that this groundbreaking solution, based on advanced and accessible technologies, will strengthen the relationship between Clal and its customers, and will take preventive medicine forward to support better health and quality of life.”

Moshe Ernst, Deputy CEO and Head of Long-Term Savings Division at Clal Insurance and Finance, said: “This is no less than a revolution led by Clal in the life insurance industry, in the field of risk insurance. For the first time in Israel, an insurance company is looking out for customers and ensuring they are protected and aware of their health and quality of life – and not just handling matters when disaster strikes. This step adds another dimension to the company’s goal to lead the insurance market in Israel via our innovative products, all-encompassing services and enormous value that we provide to our customers.”

Israela Chen, Senior Vice President, Director of the Long-Term Savings Unit, Head of Strategic Projects Division at Clal, stated: “I am delighted to be expanding our cooperation with MP Check, a company that leverages innovative, groundbreaking technologies to support complex medical testing conducted in customers’ homes, for the early detection of life-threatening disease. We believe that by integrating innovative technologies in the umbrella of services offered to our customers, we are adding significant value, improving the customer experience and increasing overall customer satisfaction.”


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