Clal Insurance is expanding its home insurance policy to include cyber insurance for the family as part of it, at a special price.

Home insurance offers a policy which is tailored to the customers’ needs, with a variety of options: structure insurance, contents insurance, expanded third party coverage, earthquakes, coverage for jewelry and many other additional coverages. The option of adding cyber insurance for the entire family in now being offered.

The family cyber insurance offered by Clal Insurance and Finance gives a coverage envelope protecting against a wide range of cyber events, including net shaming and bullying, recovery of digital information, handling of ransom crime, identity theft, fishing, online theft of money and so on. Within the framework of the insurance a 24/7 service center will operate for providing advice and handling by the best cyber experts when an event occurs, and in addition, reimbursements of expenses for legal and psychological advice, assistance in recovering data that has been damaged by malware, a cyber attack or a ransom demand, refund of moneys stolen by digital means etc.

Clal Insurance will continue offering family cyber insurance as a stand-alone policy for those interested in it. The company does not limit the number of instruments insured under the coverage, or protection requirements or forms of applications that need to be downloaded.

Clal Insurance and Finance Deputy CEO and head of the General Insurance Division Elite Caspi: “We have united two types of significantly related insurances – both of them giving important protection in the home space. The first one gives physical protection, amongst other things for the home structure and contents, with the other one giving protection   to members of the household in dealing with the extensive risks in the digital space, giving security by means of professionals and experts in the area in dealing with cyber events”.



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