OpenLegacy’s integration platform addresses the painful challenges of complexity and mission-critical stability that core legacy systems present in the cloud journey


OpenLegacy offers a cloud-native hybrid integration platform. OpenLegacy Hub delivers a fast, simple, risk-free way to generate, extend and manage digital services from on-prem legacy and core systems to the cloud. It connects directly to nearly any core system without changing the underlying infrastructure, instantly generating microservice-based APIs in a low/no/full code way. Making the cloud journey not just possible but faster and more efficient than ever before, no matter the chosen strategy: modernizing in place (hybrid), rehosting/replatforming, or even replacing and rewriting the entire application. Each can be simplified and automated to optimize the process, drastically eliminating complexity, time, cost, and risk. OpenLegacy’s robust integration platform addresses the painful challenges of complexity, unique skills, and mission-critical stability that core legacy systems (such as mainframe) present in the cloud journey.

OpenLegacy key figures are Ron Rabinowitz, Chief Executive Officer, Romi Stein is the President & Co-Founder and Roi Mor is the CTO & Co-Founder.

from the left: Ron Rabinowitz, Romi Stein and Roi Mor

What is the problem in the insurance sector that you are trying to solve?
We address many of the top issues within the insurance sector by helping leverage the assets they have today trapped within their legacy systems in to innovate quickly and continuously including:
– Improved customer experience & streamlined workflows
– Agent optimization
– Regulatory compliance
– Delivering new digital products
– Partner led differentiation

What is your business model?
In 2022 we re-focused our primary go-to-market model to focus on technology partnerships.  OpenLegacy Hub is very partner friendly making it easy to co-exist or embed our technology for connecting with legacy and complex on-prem systems for any legacy data, process, or application. We also continue to sell directly to our clients.

what are the values for insurance companies/brokers?
* Quickly deliver digital insurance services from legacy systems – Digital insurance requires accesses to core systems. How you modernize is up to you, but continuous innovation is required not to disrupt your business.

* Solve complex scenarios quickly – Rapidly launch new digital innovations by building off existing assets.

* Risk reduction – No special skills needed. No changes to core systems required – dramatically cutting down dev & deployment risks.

* Harness the value of legacy systems – Ability to create digital services in a variety of different formats and adjust them as needed.

How can you benefit with the insureds?
To continue to innovate OpenLegacy Hub for addressing the needs of the Insurance Industry as it relates to modernizing legacy and core insurance systems efficiently and in a way that is future-friendly.

What deals have you signed so far?
OpenLegacy is used by many of the world’s leading enterprises, including Citi, AIG, Aviva, Chubb, MetLife, Scotiabank, Bank Leumi, Liberty Mutual, DBS, and Standard Chartered, to name a few.



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