Pizza Hut Selects Demandoo to Deliver On-Demand Insurance for its e-Bike Delivery Fleet in Israel


Demandoo announced its partnership with Pizza Hut Israel to power on-demand insurance for its new e-bike delivery fleet.

Accelerated by the Covid pandemic, the on-demand economy has grown significantly over the last year, transforming traditional models of work and mobility. However, when it comes to insurance, legacy policies based on fixed annual rates for traditional full-time employees aren’t practical or economical when extended to dynamic, shared and/or temporary activities of on-demand workforces, particularly for micro-mobility fleets, such as e-bikes.

Powered by its proprietary AI-based risk engine and backed by global insurers, Demandoo’s on-demand, plug-and-play insurance solutions can be tailored to seamlessly embed into any digital platform used to manage worker operations for coverage that’s more accurate, cost-effective and easier to manage than traditional insurance. The company leverages personal user data and external data sources so businesses can better manage and mitigate risk with fine-tuned, pay-as-you-go coverage solely based on active usage time.

Through their partnership, Demandoo and Pizza Hut Israel are launching customized third-party liability coverage for its growing number of e-bike delivery couriers. With Demandoo, Pizza Hut users will be able to streamline typically complex claims filing processes with quick and simple reporting at the click of a button on their mobile devices, without any interaction from agents.

“We are extremely proud to launch this partnership with Pizza Hut, particularly as customer demand for delivery services and all-digital business operations have skyrocketed due to the pandemic,” said Demandoo CEO Avi Manaim. “This is our first solution for a fleet of corporate employees rather than freelance gig workers, and marks a significant milestone as we continue to help additional businesses cover the insurance gaps for their on-demand workforces. Following this preliminary initiative, we look forward to further expanding our work with Pizza Hut to additional global geographies and local franchises“

“We are thrilled to team up with Demandoo to usher in a game-changing approach to insuring our growing e-bike delivery fleet for safer, simpler, and more affordable coverage for the benefit of our employees and business operations,” said Shmulik Baruch, CEO of Tabasco Holdings Ltd. (Pizza Hut Israel). “This partnership is instrumental in enabling us to evolve while reducing risk so we can continue to provide superior worker benefits, customer services and increasing eco-friendly practices.”

Already working with food delivery giant Wolt, Demandoo’s solution has global capabilities for flexible workforces in a variety of industries, and plans to expand its offering to additional coverage types, including but not limited to, e-commerce insurance, property insurance, credit insurance and more.


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