Polibit Subsidiary Qualla Will Enable Online Issuing Of Policies, In Collaboration With The Phoenix And Ayalon


Asi Shmeisser, Polibit CEO

Qualla platform presents a technological breakthrough that will improve the insurance agent’s work and will enable him to compete with the direct insurances

The Polibit subsidiary Qualla last week started offering for the first time, online issuing of policies, in collaboration with the Phoenix and Ayalon.

The main innovation is that the issuing is carried out via a platform for comparing prices between the various insurance companies without going into the insurance companies’ systems. This represents a significant increase in the efficiency of the insurance agent office, with maximum saving of time and costs. On completion of the process the policy documents are downloaded to the agent’s computer and the policy is confirmed and paid (at this stage, for the Phoenix and Ayalon).

From the agent’s point of view, he carries out the comparison process during the conversation with the customer, at the end of which the customer receives the policy, immediately after giving the means of payment.

Polibit, which is a longstanding insurance agency, has invested millions of shekels within the framework of Qualla is developing systems to improve the efficiency of the work of the agency. By virtue of the technology developed by Qualla and successfully tested by Polibit, the agency is able to renew thousands of policies using a chatbot, without human handling, with the current innovation significantly increasing the agency’s production and enabling it to sell more policies, more rapidly and more easily.

It has now been decided by Polibit to enable the use of this technology by other insurance agents who are interested in technological upgrading. Thus, the successful integration of Qualla’s technological innovation at Polibit will enable the agency to not only save costs – accelerating its growth as an insurance agency and as an operating agency – but it can now grow as an SAAS player via sharing its advanced and unique technology with other agencies.

Polibit CEO Asi Shmeisser, who is the founder and who stands begin Qualla says that similar interfaces with be going live in the next few weeks at Clal Insurance and Migdal (via the Amigo system).

Qualla and Polibit are planning, running into 2021, an end-customer interface, via the agents’ websites, where the end customer will be able to simulate price quotes, choose the most attractive quote and carry out the purchase immediately.

This revolution is just the start of the insurance agents’ counter-revolution in adopting advanced technologies, enabling them to compete with the direct companies. In the coming year, Qualla will be releasing a renewals interface, enabling the agent to receive renewals via the Qualla system and approve the renewals automatically via an advanced chatbot.


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