RemitRix provides insurers with web-based application to optimize their balance sheet management


Effi Mor

Q&A with Effi Mor, Remitrix CEO

What does RemitRix do?

Mor: RemitRix provides insurers with web-based SaaS application to optimize their balance sheet  management under Solvency II and IFRS17.

What are the solutions you provide for you customers?

Mor:  Solvency II & IFRS17 engine with reporting tool, ALM, financial risk management, actuarial modeling, ML modeling for actuaries.

What are the values that RemitRix offer to the market?

Mor: Actuarial work automation, improved predictions accuracy, capital and balance sheet management optimization, Holistic solution.

How can technology and machine learning improve the risk management of insurance companies?

Mor:  Better utilize data for actuarial reserves estimation and pricing / remove linear assumptions in models.

In Solvency: brings to better capital allocation and potential to reduce required capital.

In IFRS17: improve policies segmentation under CSM constraints.

What insurers are currently using your systems?

Mor: Shirbit (solvency package) and another life insurer (assets solvency and financial risk management).

What investments were made in the company so far?

Mor: Angels 550K USD + Israel Innovation Authority.


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