Serenus.AI and HealthTrio Launch an AI-based Module to Streamline Medical Authorizations for Knee Replacements


Serenus.AI and HealthTrio are continuing an established partnership to launch an AI-based module to streamline and automate medical authorizations for knee replacements. As part of their joint “AI Prior-Auth Connect” project, their first module to streamline medical authorizations for knee replacements will be followed by modules for additional common elective surgeries.

It is estimated that from the more than 700,000 knee replacement surgeries being conducted every year in the US, 30% are suspected as unjustified, risking patients’ lives, and wasting more than 8 billion USD in direct costs and additional indirect costs to the US healthcare market.

“HealthTrio is proud to partner with Serenus.AI on this co-developed platform to improve and simplify medical prior authorizations, while reducing crucial medical errors,” said HealthTrio CEO Dominic Wallen. “Through this collaboration, the implementation of machine learning technologies on the prior authorizations process will significantly improve patients’ outcomes and reduce the overall cost impact to health plans and their insured.”

“Our innovative initiative will ensure accurate clinical decision-making and a rapid, objective, and transparent process by the patients’ health insurance plan, all while improving efficiencies and outcomes of medical procedures,” said Hillary Harel, CEO of Serenus.AI. “We are extremely excited to collaborate with HealthTrio on this project and look forward to continued success.”

About Serenus.AI

Hillary Harel, CEO of Serenus.AI

Serenus.AI developed an AI-based patented technology for personalized medical treatment decisions. Its unique system was developed to empower healthcare professionals, health systems and payers with all the necessary information to improve medical decisions, saving lives and valuable resources. The innovative system uses unique algorithms that replicate the decision-making process of top and objective physicians by combining the best and most updated medical practice, professionals’ knowledge and machine learning technologies. The innovative solution was already validated in practice and the company is currently active in Israel, UK and the US with leading stakeholders in the healthcare field.


About HealthTrio

For over 20 years, HealthTrio has been providing solutions for the health insurance industry that optimize user self-service, value-based care, healthcare consumerism, real-time integration and so much more. Our customizable, secure platform provides you with a comprehensive suite of tools – from everyday solutions such as real-time eligibility, plan shopping and enrollment, benefits, and claims to advanced features supporting provider quality performance, cost transparency, and automated authorizations. With advanced security capabilities, HealthTrio’s platform extends beyond the traditional member, provider, employer, and broker access to include guests, caregivers, community-based organizations, and a variety of other user types.




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