Serenus.AI and HealthTrio team up to innovate the authorization process through the use of advanced machine learning

Hillary Harel, CEO of Serenus.AI

Hillary Harel, CEO of Serenus.AI

Serenus.AI (Tel Aviv, Israel) and HealthTrio LLC. (Denver, CO) are teaming up to launch “AI Prior-Auth Connect”, a co-developed platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technologies developed by Serenus.AI integrated into HealthTrio’s advanced platform, to streamline and automate the process for medical prior authorizations while improving patient outcomes. Through the use of advanced machine learning technologies, this innovative initiative will improve and simplify the healthcare process, advance the quality of care, boost satisfaction across the care continuum, all while saving valuable resources.

While traditionally a time-consuming and resource-driven manual process, this collaboration will enable providers and payers to streamline the authorizations process, allowing faster and more accurate responses based on customizable plan policy.

Dominic Wallen, President, and COO of HealthTrio: “HealthTrio has a long-standing history advancing digital solutions and the authorization process; we’re very excited for this new industry-changing challenge. Serenus.AI is the perfect partner, as they are equally as inspired and motivated to deliver a solution that takes the system to the next level.”

Hillary Harel, CEO of Serenus.AI: “The mutual platform will ensure an accurate

clinical decision-making and a rapid, objective, and a transparent process, to provide speedy approvals for necessary medical procedures eliminating waiting times while providing alternative pathways when it is not indicated. We are extremely excited to collaborate with HealthTrio and appreciate their vast experience and knowledge in the field.”


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