Serenus.AI and Predicta Med has been Awarded as One of the 65 Success Stories in Israel by the Israeli Export Institute


Serenus.AI and Predicta Med has been awarded as one of the 65 success stories in Israel by the Israeli Export Institute. The announcement was made this week.

Hillary (Orly) Harel, CEO and Co-Founder of Serenus.AI expressed her pride in Serenus.AI and its team, stating, “We are dedicated to advancing the quality and equality of healthcare services for all.”

About Predicta Med:

Predicta Med is an AI based digital health company in the field of predictive analytics. Our mission is to enable early detection and treatment selection of undiagnosed diseases, using our propriety AI engine.

About Serenus.AI

Serenus.AI is the first patented AI-based solution that empowers medical decisions at critical crossroads, saving lives and valuable resources. Serenus.AI includes a high-profile team including top physicians from various medical disciplines and machine learning specialists to work on groundbreaking challenges in the healthcare field. Serenus.AI is committed to improving the quality of healthcare delivery – providing the right treatment, to the right patient, at the right time.



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