Servicing the Israeli Insurtech by a global law firm joining together with an Israeli law firm


Levitan, Sharon a leading Israeli law firm in the area of Insurance and Reinsurance joined together with Clyde & Co, a leading global law firm, which specializes in insurance, transport, infrastructure, energy, and trade and commodities, to offer services in the Insurtech area.

At a reception at Clyde & Co’s office which took place on 14 March 2022, Clyde & Co hosted a delegation of startups, members of the Israeli Insurtech Accelerator headed by Kobi Bendelak. The reception guests included members of the insurance industry, lawyers from Clyde & Co and Levitan, Sharon and a range of people who are involved in the Israeli Insurtech scene, and the Crown Jewel – the delegation members.

This reception marked the joining together of the two law firms with the intention of offering to Israeli Insurtech startups and mature companies services and specific international legal knowledge and understanding in the areas they intend to operate.

Clyde & Co, has 1800 lawyers in over 50 offices around the world, all specializing in Insurance and Reinsurance. Clyde & Co’s offices in London, Munich and New York are already assisting startups, or supporting Insurers/Reinsurers who are working with startups, or who wish to incorporate the technology offered within the existing insurance operation Insurer, MGA or a broker.

Clyde & Co is also involved in joint venture partnership arrangements, data protection, big data, regulatory and compliance, and due diligence activities.

Levitan, Sharon in Israel was and is involved in assisting the existing digital insurance companies established in Israel, either in their initial stages or for follow-up services. The said services include reviewing of Reinsurance contracts, adapting insurance polices to the needs of the digital company, assisting in all regulatory aspects of building up insurance companies, reviewing the digital process according to regulations and following its activities.

The joining together between the two law firms intends to offer Israeli entrepreneurs legal services in the area of insurance around the world in order to enable them to accomplish their targets. It is important to note that neither Levitan, Sharon nor Clyde & Co are involved in the corporate legal work relevant to raising capital for the startups and are able to work together with the existing corporate lawyers of the companies to offer their unique knowledge and service, which is so important in the area of Insurance/Reinsurance.


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