The Israeli Delegation to ITC 2022 | EasySend: Streamlined data and signature intake improves customer experience and puts you ahead of the competition


EasySend founders

For any organization that needs to intake data and signatures from customers, EasySend is a no-code digital transformation solution that delivers an easy and quick way to transform complex forms into digital experiences so that they can automate

their workflows, streamline customer interactions and ensure data accuracy.
EasySend was founded by Tal Daskal, CEO and Co-Founder, Omer Shirazi, COO and Co-Founder, and Eran Shirazi, CTO and Co-Founder.

This article is a part of a series of articles presenting the Israeli delegation to the ITC conference.

Main benefits of EasySend:

*Frictionless customer data intake: Empower customers to quickly and easily submit data, documents and signatures through an easy to use digital experience. Streamlined data and signature intake improves customer experience and puts you ahead of the competition.

*Ease of doing business: We make it easy for you to collect the data that your business needs while making it easy for your customers to do business with you.

*Automate your workflow: We all know that automation is the way of our future. It’s time to get on board! By automating your front-end data collection, you transform your entire workflow and streamline your existing business processes. When you automate manual processes, not only do your customers enjoy an easier and more efficient experience but for companies it means increased productivity with greater insight into their customer base which leads to bottom line growth.

*Collect better data: EasySend enables you to get accurate data in the right format every single time. Reduce processing time and errors with automated data validation, ensuring that your forms are always signed and complete. Eliminate errors, missing data, and frustrating back-and-forth communications with customers.

*Digitally accessible and integrated: Automatically integrate collected data into your workflows and systems. By collecting data digitally, EasySend makes your customer data digitally accessible across channels and is easy to integrate into your existing workflows, business processes, and internal systems.

*Amplify your resources: EasySend’s no-code technology enables organizations to quickly and easily create digital experiences for customer data intake that are user-friendly and look great without lengthy and expensive development projects.

*Enterprise-grade support: Get the enterprise-grade support you need to make the platform work for you. We are your digital partner.

*Flexibility: Launch the EasySend process from any platform or channel, and choose whether the data will be sent in a particular format or via which systems.

*Stay ahead of technology trends: With EasySend, you can take advantage of the latest technology trends to improve your customer experience. We are always innovating and adding new features to our platform to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Important features to highlight:

*Co-browsingIntegration with internal system

*Salesforce integration

*PDF to workflow

*Personalization (validations and conditions)

*Enterprise-grade security

What problem is it meant to solve?
Easysend transforms any complex form or customer data intake process into an interactive, digital experience, empowering organizations to streamline customer interactions, ensure data accuracy and automate their workflow.

What is your business model?
EasySend’s no-code platform empowers organizations to quickly transform their manual customer data intake processes and PDF forms without the need for lengthy and expensive development projects. By leveraging no-code technology, you can go live with your digital transformation fast and at a fraction of the cost and internal resources.

What investments have been made in the company so far?
EasySend announced in November 2021 a $50.5 million Series B funding round led by Oak HC/FT. Existing investors Vertex IL, Intel Capital, and Hanaco Venture also participated in the round. The company also secured $5 million in venture debt from Silicon Valley Bank.

In 2020, EasySend raised $11 million in a Series A round, in addition to $5 million in an earlier Seed round. To date, EasySend has raised $71.5 million in total.

What is your current business situation?
Founded in 2016, EasySend has since rapidly expanded in Israel to accommodate 90% of the banking, financial services, and insurance sector within Israel. In the past couple of years, EasySend expanded its US revenues by ten-fold as it supported digital transformation for leading insurance, banks, and credit unions such as Cincinnati Insurance, NJM Insurance Group, PSCU, Merido, Sompo, and Petplan.

EasySend also recognized the importance of digitalization in Japan, and has recently established a Japanese entity, EasySend Godo Kaisha in Tokyo in order to further expand its customer base and partner companies in Japan and promote the digitalization of the financial industry in Japan including insurance companies and banks by leveraging its knowledge and experience in the global market, while addressing Japanese laws and market needs such as privacy data and security.

Which companies are interested as business partners?
Enterprises seeking a partnership with EasySend are looking to leverage big system integration along with comparable services for their customers.

What kind of feedback are you getting?
The feedback from our customers, which also includes amazing insight from their customers, tells us demand for digital transformation is only growing. For companies that needed an immediate solution, as COVID-19 led to a massive shift in the way people interact with businesses online, we can help them act fast to convert their complex forms into seamless customer journeys. This in parallel helps our customers to speed up the onboarding process and close contracts faster, helps optimize the customer experience through automated workflows and data collection, and overall lowers operational costs.

A great example was EasySend’s work with VGM Insurance. VGM highly appreciates the ease of using the no-code platform, and a main factor which helped them build 8 digital customer journeys, and an entire digital world, within 3 months from their original 5-year plan. The VGM team also saw real value from our product with users utilizing the platform in real time. The partnership has helped reveal new use cases that have seen amazing results, including faster time-to-market (reduced sales cycles), improved customer experiences, and over 30% lower operational costs.

“When the pandemic hit, we had to change our five-year plan. It took us one quarter to fully achieve a completely digital process and automate our applications through EasySend’s excellent solution. Now we’re going to be at the forefront of technology instead of behind it.”

Emily McCormack, Director of Operations VGM




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