Transforming the Insurance Game: Polywizz Introduces POLYMAX – The All-In-One Report for Smart Insurance Agents”


Tzafrir Kagan, CEO at PolyWizz

Polywizz, an insurtech company specializing in advanced technologies for insurance document and policy analysis, has announced the launch of its new service, POLYMAX. This service enables insurance agents to view all relevant customer data in one place, including Har HaBituach, Pension Swiftness, and policy copies from insurance companies.

While collecting information is relatively simple, analyzing the data and extracting insights that increase sales can be a time-consuming task. That’s where POLYMAX comes in. The report offers a comprehensive view of all relevant customer data, including policy copies, and uses OCR and AI technologies to provide insights and recommendations to the agent with the click of a button.

By using the system, clients benefit from significant time savings, and the report can be delivered in PDF format with the agent’s recommendations, further streamlining the sales process. The report is already being used by over 2,000 users and insurance agents of Polywizz’s clients, and Yarden Peled, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Polywizz, believes it is the “only complete report that allows the insurance agent to be more professional and sell more.”

To celebrate the launch of POLYMAX, Polywizz is offering insurance agents a 50% discount for the months of April and May.





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