Turn Manual Processes Into Digital Customer Journeys


Tal Daskal, EasySend CEO and Co-founder

Q&A with Tal Daskal, EasySend CEO and Co-founder


What does EasySend do? 

Daskal: EasySend is a no-code platform for building and optimizing enterprise-grade digital customer journeys. EasySend empowers insurance companies and financial services to turn manual processes into digital customer journeys quickly, efficiently, and without writing a single line of code. Fully optimized digital journeys powered by EasySend enable customers to reduce friction and achieve an uplift in completion rates, eliminate manual data collection, reduce operational costs, maintain data integrity, and increase revenue.

Can you give examples for work processes you can (and did) convert do 


Daskal: We can digitize any process, either completely from scratch or based on an existing paper form or PDF. Some examples of work processes we can digitize include P&C and Life Customer Onboarding, Policy Holder servicing, Claims Administration and Management, FNOL, and more.

How can insurers and agents benefit from that?

Daskal: EasySend delivers a no-code, end to end, front office, onboarding solution to insurance carriers, brokers and agents that allows them to work together on existing questionnaires, applications, service requests, legal disclaimers, payment processing including EFT and credit card payments with e-signature execution for final digital documents. Application fulfillment goes far beyond the initial questionnaire and application, with many parties needing to communicate seamlessly, ensuring new business is processed from start to finish. EasySend provides an unparalleled onboarding user experience across all sales channels. There are a number of other use case scenarios EasySend has helped carriers, brokers and agencies transform from manual to digital interactive customer experience.

On what parts of the insurance’s Value chain can this fit in?

Daskal: All – product management, sales and distribution, underwriting, claims, payments, customer service, customer engagement, customer experience, customer relationship management, digital distribution, workflow, data and analytics, core/policy administration and agent/broker solutions.

To what other industries can EasySend develop?

Daskal: Insurance, banking, asset management, financial services, retail, transportation, health, telecom, government.

What investment were made in the company?

Daskal: Can’t provide that information as of right now – will only be able to in the months to come.


Tal Daskal is the CEO and Co-Founder of EasySend, a SaaS company based in Tel Aviv, New York, and EMEA. Daskal co-founded EasySend, along with Eran Shirazi, CTO, and Omer Shirazi, COO. After working at Halman Aldubi Investments, one of the largest insurance companies in Israel, Daskal saw first hand the extent of the problem that paperwork and manual processes create in insurance – and with that, EasySend began. Daskal is an expert on all things digital transformation in banking and insurance and is a passionate advocate for the paradigm shift towards no-code application development in the financial sector.









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