Tutim.io:our vision is to Enable insurance, financial and health companies to build modern digital experiences in their web applications


Tutim is an in-app data intake platform, an open-source tool for optimizing custom user flows. Accelerate implementation and enable seamless updates.

Their vision is to Enable insurance, financial and health companies to build modern digital experiences in their web applications.

From the left: Lee Twito, Eylon Mizarhi

The key figures in the company are Lee Twito, CEO and Eylon Mizarhi, CTO. Twito is a former AI architect of software systems to global enterprises. Mizarhi has developed the data intake infrastructure at Rapyd.

What is the biggest problem in the insurance sector as you see it?

Tutim: Insurance is a key industry in the global economy, but is still full of inefficient paper processing or countless stand-alone forms.

How can technology change it?

Tutim: Data intake infrastructure can transform the insurance sector by automating tasks, consolidating forms, and streamlining workflows within the insurer’s web application. This centralization enhances customer experiences, reduces costs, and boosts efficiency across the industry.

What is the business model?

Tutim: The business model for Tutim is based on offering a 100% free, open-source platform for developers, ensuring unlimited flexibility in in-app data intake and custom user flow optimization. Revenue is generated through a tiered subscription model, which provides access to additional features, premium support, consumption packages and specialized integrations. This approach enables clients to choose the plan that aligns with their needs, fostering long-term relationships and customer retention.

what is the values for insurance companies?

Tutim: Insurance companies can benefit from Tutim in 3 major aspects:

  1. Enhanced customer experience: Deliver streamlined user flows for improved satisfaction and loyalty.
  2. Operational efficiency: Automate data intake processes to reduce costs and boost productivity.
  3. Scalability: Adapt to growth with a flexible platform, gaining competitive advantage and maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.

Is there any other kinds of customers are you approaching

Tutim: Yes, we also work with customers from the Financial and Healthcare industries.

At what stage the company is right now?

Tutim: Currently working with several leading global design partners.

Pre-seed stage and supported by industry-leading CTOs



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