Wepy Is Developing A self-Insurance Platform For Businesses And Communities


Q&A with Henry Hazan, Wepy Founder and CTO


What does Wepy do?

Hazan: A Platform for business and communities to self-insure, instead of purchasing an insurance policy.


What are the benefits for the employers?

Hazan: Back office to manage the claim process, actuary algorithms for every coverage optimized for his members, 60% cost cutting on insurance,  custom coverages.


What are the benefits for the employees?

Hazan: settlements in 8 seconds (for claims managed by AI), 100% digital claim experience [digital signatures + chat], TPA built on demand.


Which technologies are being used in wepy?

Hazan: Microservices, Flutter [mobile],  Blockchain and AI.


What investments were made in the company so for?

Hazan: 200k from me and a friend.


Tell me about your professional back ground and about other key figures in the company.

Hazan: I am co-founder/VP R&D of weel.com.br [startup that received more that 80 mi USD, series E], software architect, cloud architect, devops architect, code in more than 10 languages, Full Stack Developer [Web, Mobile and Server], BlockChain Developer, model algorithmic trading strategies.


Your father used to be an insurance agent. How does this affect you when building Wepy’s business model?

Hazan: My father z”l, owned the biggest brazilian broker in Brazil,  but even in the field of insurance, he always helped me to learn technology. I started to code in 1986 when nobody was thinking about computing. We always agreed that insurance is an abstract product that could be fully automated, especially with AI. I am sure he would love to see how AI and blockchain together really create all the necessary components to make insurance a full machine experience.



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