WhatsApp open rate is above 90%. If you want to get your customer attention, whatsapp is the way


Gir Or

Q&A with Gil Or, Whatsper  CEO


What does whatsper do?

Or: Whatsper provides a wide solution for businesses seeking to connect and interact with their customers via Whatsapp. We have developed a technology to handle incoming chats, our smart and intuitive bot provides the initial response and our proprietary Whatsper Inbox will allow multiple agents and departments to communicate.


What are the benefits of using whatsapp as a marketing system over SMS, mail and other channels?

Or: Whatsapp open rate is above 90% in most countries. If you want to get your customer attention, whatsapp is the way.



Why is whatsper better at operating whatsapp over other systems?

Or: Top notch technology to support for scale and handle incoming chats. A very easy to use and intuitive UI for the agents all this at a very affordable price. We are lean and fast and can achieve our customers dreams in the Whatsapp era.


What innovative ways you see companies use whatsapp?

Or: Renewing car insurance via whatsapp. Allow customers to easily purchase again their last order. Allow customers to inquire about deliveries via whatsapp and upgrade if necessary. Sending photos, agreements and other documents fast & easily.


How can companies use BOTs in a smart way?

Or: First, understand that a bot is a machine and we’re not yet in 2050. We always provide an easy and fast option to reach a real person to chat with. Our bot knows his place and will always suggest an agent when he doesn’t understand the customer inquiry. The smart way is to connect the BOT to the CRM and to allow the customer to receive real data and make real actions for his inquiry.


Can you connect the whatsapp to the companie’s CRM system? What can they do together?

Or: Yes indeed, we currently connect to the major and most popular CRM’s in Israel, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot and many more. The CRM keeps track of all the communication and the status of the customer and can easily initiate whatsapp messages to notify the customer about potential up-sales and account updates.


How do you plan to expand abroad?

Or: Surely I will use my experience as an entrepreneur of a very successful worldwide company. Do what we know to do best and provide high end products and technology. It is always an easy win this way.


What investments were made in the company so far?

Or: Eventually due to Covid-19 and a successful bootstrap we have postponed our fundraising plans and will touch base again on the matter after we’ll reach more customers and the product will be even more mature. We are currently self funded with earning from our previous ventures.


What major deals you’ve signed so far.

Or: Our first customers are Gur Group, Kopell Group, Ayalon Neemanim and other very successful and tech-savvy companies in Israel. We’ve received the approval for data privacy and tech from the major cyber security firms in Israel We are working closely with Novidea and proud to have a very thorough integration with their system.

Other than that we are in the process of signing collaboration deals with the major CRMs and tech companies in Israel and calling all other potential partners to reach out. I’m available on whatsapp https://wa.me/972503270484 😊


Tell me about your professional background and about other key figures in the company.

Or: Tal Goldstein our VP Biz-dev and sales have sold his first venture and recently closed his second venture stamp.ee. He’s a very talented entrepreneur with deep knowledge of the Israeli retail market and worldwide. As for me, I’m the co-founder of Overwolf ltd a very successful company in eSports, recently raised $17M lead by Intel Capital. I also have a savvy tech background since youth. Moshe, our CTO advisor, is a super-star developer with a deep knowledge of the web and algorithms.


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