The Wolt deliveries platform is transferring its delivery drivers insurances to the Collective Benefits brokerage. Wolt is insuring, as of July 1, its delivery drivers for personal accidents at Lloyd’s via the Collective Benefits brokerage and third party insurance will be covered by QBE, fronted by Harel, with no deductible. The company says that it will finance the cost of the extended insurance, which is estimated at 1,500 shekels in the private market. Until now the delivery drivers were insured for death and disability by Demandoo.

The company says that the new insurance will cover fractures that are common amongst delivery drivers, such as the arm, leg, hip, ankle, shoulder, elbow and wrist, with compensation of up to 2,500 shekels. Dental treatment as a result of an accident will be covered up to 6,000 shekels. Ancillary medical expenses, such as nursing, medications, physiotherapy, rehabilitation devices, massage etc. will be covered up to a cost of 15,000 shekels. Catastrophic events such as permanent disability or death will be covered up to 150,000 shekels.

The insurance will be in effect as long as the delivery drivers are available via the application, waiting to receive the order, when carrying out the delivery and a half hour after the end of the delivery. The company says that insurance claims will be filed digitally and will be answered within a short time. The compensation will be paid to the driver within five days of approval.

Wolt was founded in 2014 in Finland and currently operates in 23 countries. The company started operating in Israel in 2018 and currently operates in 23 cities with more than 8,000 drivers.

Wolt operating manager in Israel, Eliah Yosephian: “We are currently offering an excellent insurance policy for the self-employed delivery drivers, apart from the total flexibility enjoyed by them and the highest payment in the market received by them. We are proud of the step, and we will continue advancing processes for the benefit of the drivers, who we see as partners on the way. The great importance placed by Wolt on the safety of the drivers operating via the platform led us to the decision to expand the insurance”.

Demandoo: “Demandoo insured Wolt Israel in the past year, under on-demand insurance for personal accidents and third party for delivery drivers. In recent months, Wolt’s world insurance manager notified us that it prefers uniting the company’s insurances under a single world provider, who will provide a response in all of the geographical areas in which Wolt is active, including Israel. Since Demandoo does not provide such a solution, we are parting company for the time being. At the same time, we are maintaining ongoing contact with Wolt regarding additional products in Israel and in other countries in which Wolt is operating, and it very possible that we will be collaborating with Wolt in the future”.



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