GamaSec partner with Insurance Consultant & Expertises (I.C.E) to penetrate the Asia cyber insurance market


Cyber security is now seen as a common threat for millions of businesses globally. It has reached a point (highlighted by the recent pandemic) where it is regularly perceived as a top 5 risk event for most businesses. The work from home ethic that we have now entered into and the reliance more and more on digitalization, is making that threat a reality for many and in planning ahead both systems and budgeting is being reviewed to allow for better protection of this disrupting feature.

In Asia there is a new partnership brought together to try to help fight this threat to small medium and large businesses alike. Two companies bringing decades of experience of both insurance knowledge and cyber security protection on the global platform now launch their product for the Asian regional market.

GamaSec has successfully partnered previously for cyber security protection and insurance purposes in Canada, Europe and South Africa and has now chosen a partner for Asia.

Insurance Consultants & Experts Pte. Ltd (I.C.E.) who are based in Singapore has steadily built a reputation for providing insurance solutions to security issues both of a physical and cyber nature.

Avi Bartov GamaSec CEO and Co-founder said, “The closer that cybersecurity technology and insurance come together, the better the outcome will be for both parties. less breaches, less insurance claims and a better security for the SMB’s, GamaSec cutting edge cybersecurity bundle into cyber insurance prevent cyber risk and minimize cyber insurance loss ratios. Now joining together, I.C.E. will be the GamaSec partner to help us expand in the Asia region, for both sales of all GamaSec products and ultimately an insurance solution arranged by I.C.E.”

Brett Davey the Managing Director and founder of I.C.E. said, “In partnering with GamaSec, a proven cyber security provider, we will be able to offer solutions for assessment of risk, protection and guarding of businesses exposures and ultimately an insurance umbrella also. We aim to give local clients in the Asia region peace of mind from attack of all kinds of cyber security threats and actors. We welcome enquiries from anyone that has concerns about Cyber security, and with our new partner will endeavour to provide solutions and protection. Between us we will be at our clients service 24/7 to help protect their business”.

Founded in 2006; GamaSec is a cyber-security company that lowers the risk and strengthens the resilience of businesses from attacks on their websites and web applications. GamaSec provides a portfolio of services including web vulnerability scanning, daily malware detection, and application Firewall (WAF) with DDoS detection. This combination of a proprietary security platform and industry knowhow enables GamaSec to deliver industry-leading solutions for website security.

Our partners have turned to Gamasec to reduce cyber exposure and create a competitive selling advantage by bundling Gamashield with their cyber security portfolio.



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