The Democratization Of The Jewellers’ Block Insurance


Q&A with Tal Berzon, digital transformation manager at Berzon Daimond insurance agency

Tell me about Berzon’s digital Business.

Berzon: After approximately 2 years long period of preparations which included:

Tal Berzon, digital transformation manager at Berzon Daimond insurance agency

  • build-up of internet tech platform
  • online process crystallization
  • insurance documentation
  • online premium payment collection
  • integration of all this into one user friendly online system
  • confirmation by regulation

In September 2019 we launched our On Line specialized Private Jewellery insurance activity which is now fully operational with steady inflow of online clients.

We keep developing our digital business including upgrade of the system and extending it to additional geographical areas as well as considering digitalization of other insurance lines.

In general, we are looking forward to digital transformation of our entire business.

Why did you decide to focus on jewelries?

Berzon: During last 27 years we are specializing in field of insurance of diamond and jewellery industry and trade.

At certain stage we realized that there is a market need and demand for insurance of private jewellery which is independent of household insurance, provides worldwide open cover and allows coverage of selected items only

Based on our professional expertise and experience in insuring jewellery for companies (B2B) we decided to go for “democratization” of what is called Jewellers’ Block insurance and to offer insurance of similar type to private jewellery owners (B2C) .

What were the challenges in the developing process?

Berzon: Since we are the first in the world to provide systematic independent On line insurance for private jewellery we could not learn from other’s experience and practically had to invent everything from the scratch by ourselves.

How does the Public response?

Berzon: The response of clients was and is good and fast. We expected that it will take us at least 2-3 months to have the first online policy being sold. In reality the first policy has been issued approximately 3 hours after our website was airborne.

Since then there is a steady inflow of online clients

Who are your business partners?

Berzon: Our many years business associates is German insurance company Delvag, member of Lufthansa Group, whom we represent in Israel during the last 25 years and whom with we do successful and mutually fruitful business during all this time.

This online insurance product has been developed and now conducted in full cooperation between us and Delvag working together.

You have started your activity in Israel. How do you plan to expand?

Berzon: After successful launch of our digital activity in Israel the next territory where we plan to expand is going to be Hong Kong.

Actually we have already started making practical preparations for launching it in Hong Kong in 2020 however due to current covid-19 situation most probably it will have to be postponed to 2021.

What investments were made in the company?

Berzon: Investments made to have this digital project running successfully have been quite substantial.

After “taking off” with the new digital product and entering new stage of its tech and marketing development as well as planned geographical expansion additional investments will have to be made, therefore we are considering to bring in a strategic partner.

Tell me about yourself and other Key figures in the company

Berzon: I am in charge of the company’s digital transformation. Our company has been founded by my father Dan Berzon and I’m privileged to be around since I was young girl. My first job was running within the Diamond Exchange Complex as delivery person. Since then quite many years past, I finished my academic studies in IDC in field of communication, joined my father in the main diamond and jewellery international shows in Hong Kong and Las Vegas and learn a lot about global diamond and jewellery unique word. Now, when our company is engaged in process of evolving into international Insuretec operation I stepped into position of digital transformation manager looking forward to its full implementation.


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