The new system will allow agents real time access to the most recent policy and users will save time in issuing and managing the policy

The Israeli Novidea insurtech company, which has developed a cloud-based system for improving efficiency in the area of insurance policies and the American Certificial company which is developing a smart insurance policy system (Smart COI) have declared technological collaboration, which will make the insurance certificate issuing process into a fully and smooth digital process.

Novidea has developed an award-winning system enabling insurance companies to improve the efficiency of their work. The company’s platform fully manages the insurance distribution cycle, including the sale, service, policy lifecycle, operation, claims and insurance financial management set-up.

The system includes information analysis and analytics providing real time insights and enabling improved performance measurement in all of these categories.

Via Certificial’s smart insurance policy system (Smart COI), which blends in naturally with the Novidea platform, the process of issuing confirmations will be smoother and more efficient. Insurance agents will obtain real time access to the most recent insurance policy and the Novidea platform users well save themselves much time in the issuing and management of the insurance policy, without leaving the company’s cloud-based platform.

Novidea founder and CEO Roy Agababa: “Novidea has always focused on strategic technological partnerships for improving our customer experience. Certificial is a natural match for us. The partnership demonstrates our approach of combining the best technologies via our open interface infrastructures. I welcome the collaboration for creating the new generation of insurance policy issuing processes”.

Certificial founder and CEO Peter Teresi: “We are excited to be collaborating with Novidea, a company that shares with us many similar values. The two companies act to promote innovation in the insurance industry via technology and partnerships, and we are proud that Novidea has chosen us to be their partners in issuing policies”.



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