OpenLegacy offers a cloud-first legacy modernization platform| The Israeli Delegation to Insurtech Insights 2023 conference


OpenLegacy offers a cloud-first legacy modernization platform. Our hub delivers high ROI with a simple, disruption-free, method to generate, extend and manage digital services from legacy systems to the cloud. Jumpstart and optimize your modernization journey and follow it through, no matter the chosen strategy: modernizing in place (hybrid), rehosting/replatforming or even replacing and rewriting the entire application. Each can be simplified and automated to perfect the process drastically eliminating complexity, time, cost, and risk.

OpenLegacy’s robust modernization platform is designed to address the painful challenges of complexity, unique skills, and mission-critical stability that core legacy systems (such as mainframe) present in the cloud journey. The OpenLegacy HUB Enables enterprises to build, automate, and manage legacy integrations all in one place – in a tested, searchable, and language-agnostic catalog, available for easy reuse, and ready for deployment in any standard environment. OpenLegacy is used by many of the world’s leading enterprises, including Citi, Scotiabank, Liberty Mutual, DBS, and Standard Chartered, to name a few.

This article is a part of a series of articles presenting the Israeli delegation to the Insurtech Insights 2023

Ron Rabinowitz is the Chief Executive Officer, Romi Stein is the President & Co-Founder, Roi Mor is the CTO & Co-Founder and Zeev Avidan is the Chief Product Officer.

Ron Rabinowitz

Romi Stein

Roi Mor

Zeev Avidan


What are the values for the insurance sector?

  1. Quickly Deliver Digital Insurance Services From Legacy Systems
    The Fastest Path to Digital Insurance- Digital insurance requires accesses to core systems. How you modernize is up to you but continuous innovation is required not to disrupt your business!
  2. Solve Complex scenarios quickly – Rapidly launch new digital innovations by by building off existing assets
  3. Risk Reduction – No special skills needed. No changes to core systems required – dramatically cutting down dev & deployment risks.
  4. Harness the Value of Legacy Systems – Ability to create digital services in a variety of different formats and adjust them as needed.

What are your expectations from the convention?

Learn about the industry top of mind subject matters, Network, and business development.

What moves are you planning to implement in 2023?

Grow our technology partnerships for our clients, Lean into cloud native development and SaaS offerings, double down on hybrid approach for modernization that is proven as most operational and cost effective.






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