and Direct Insurance Launched an Personal Cyber Insurance Policy

0 has partnered with IDI Direct Insurance to create a personal cyber Insurance policy and an App called “Cyber Up”, which launched in cooperation with GDH TLV, a joint Innovation Insurtech HUB by IDI (ISR) & MSI (JAP).

According to the company, This multi-layered cyber protection offers personal cyber insurance to individuals as well as families. The product provides risk prevention tools that help consumers protect themselves and their electronic devices against cyber-attacks. It also provides them with compensation and 24/7 support in case of a cyber-attack and advanced smart home risk mitigation service.

Considering this launch, has accelerated the development of a key innovative component, the Phishing tool. This tool enables users to check links from unknown text messages, emails, and barcodes they receive and get a clear answer within minutes — indicating whether they are fraud attempts or safe to open. Phishing is one of the most common forms of cyber-attacks.

Raz Bartov, VP, Head of Technology & Innovation at IDI: “We are very excited to launch this policy together with, which answers a true need of our customers for cyber protection. Thus, it enables us to give more to our customers. We already have high demand and successful sales, beyond expectations. We look forward to fruitful cooperation with”.

Saar Bar, Co-founder at “We are happy to provide an amazing unique offering with IDI. This partnership addresses the neglected population, the individuals who are exposed to increasing cyber-attacks while no one protects them. Governments care about themselves, while enterprises protect their assets and no one cares about us, the common individual.”

Cyber risks are rapidly expanding, as we move into a more and more digital world, with countless digital platforms, such as e-commerce, social networks, smart homes, and working remotely. Lay people lack the tools to protect themselves from these threats, which are getting more sophisticated and harder to detect.

About provides and operates a proactive & preventive personal cyber Insurtech solution and platform. It offers prevention, personalized alerts, and 24/7 human and AI bot response to stop cyber-attacks.



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