Video Calls With The Insured With No Need To Install Any App By The Insured

Tzvika agassi

Tzvika agassi

Q&A with Tzvika Agassi, Jastok CEO


What does Jastok do?

Agassi: Jastok SAAS system allows insurers representatives (claims, customer service, sales, loss control) to have video calls with the insured in a very simple and easy way with no need to install any app by the insured nor any software by the rep.

We have launched the system recently and we have our first customer – a US-based insurer. A few more pilots are in our pipeline with insurers from the USA, Mexico, Europe and Israel

What are the differences between Jastok and other video conversation systems?

Agassi: Jastok system has the unique combination of:

  • Application-Less – Omit the need for app install by the insured (yet – there is an option for an app when requested by the insurer or by the Regulation)
  • SaaS – Solution can be plugged to insurers without Software Installation
  • Geo-location data is supported if required
  • Configurable – Allowing insurers to adjust to their operations and to store data on their cloud / on-premis
  • Customer Satisfaction Oriented – Immediate Video Call Launch – no installation, registration or login , Allows also the customer to add a participant to the video session , Very intuitive and simple to use

 What are the benefits for insurance companies?

Agassi: Insurers can benefit from Jastok system in a few ways:

  • Instead of physically sending an expert to evaluate a property (when using it in the Loss Control department)
  • Avoiding “Damage Fraud” (when using it in the Claims department)
  • Increasing sales (when using it by agents and sales representatives)
  • Increasing the insured satisfaction (when using it in the Customer Service Center)

How does your customers use Jastok?

Agassi: The insurers use it in 2 main scenarios:

  • To turn a call with an insured into a video session with a click of a button – the rep presses a button to send a link to the insured (by text message or email) allowing him to join a video session with the rep with no app installation
  • To allow the insured to Pre-schedule video meetings with relevant reps (that were pre-defined in the system in specific days and hours). The system sends both parties a reminder with a link before the meeting

In both scenarios – during the video session – the rep can send files and photos to the insured, add participants to the session, get files from the insured, take “Snap” photos instead of the insured (in order to make it as easy as possible for the insured) and more.

The video session can be recorded and all session’s data (the video, the files, etc.) can be stored on Jastok Cloud or on the insurer’s cloud or server

Can Jastok interface with the companies` CRM system?

Agassi: Yes. Jastok system can be integrated with any other 3rd party system (CRM, Claims, system etc.)

You also have a future plan to expand to telemedicine. What can you tell me about that?

Agassi: Jastok system can be used also by doctors and other therapists to have video calls with patients with no need to install any app by the patient.

We are talking with a few global health insurers and TeleMedicine companies and we are going to start soon a few pilots

What investments were made in the company so far?

Agassi: We were bootstrapping until now. These days we start to raise our first round of $1.2M to keep develop the system and to increase our sales and marketing efforts to reach more customers

Tell me about your professional Background and about other key figures in the company.

Agassi: I worked for many years in the insurance industry and in my last position, I was the VP of operation at one of the Pension & Provident Funds in Israel.

I also was the founder of a startup that was an insurance aggregator in the Israeli market.

Dan, the external CTO at Jastok has ~20 years of experience in leading R&D teams and building complicated systems.


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